Are the floor mats water-resistant?
Our high-quality water-resistant leather allows the mats to protect your car from harsh weather conditions such as heavy rain or snow.
Can the floor mats withstand road salt, gravel, and other chemicals?
Our floor mats are made with high quality material that is resistant to scratch and corrosion caused by road salt. The detachable PVC carpet included in our products adds additional protection to the floor mat and traps salt and gravel during harsh winter conditions.
I can't find my car on the list. Does it mean you cannot make the mats that fit it?
We try our best to cover every car model on the market by constantly expanding our database. As we only include the models that we are very confident with, there are certain available models not being listed yet. Please submit your inquiry using the online form in the contact us section.
Can I request different stitching colours and patterns?
We are constantly experimenting with different colours and stitching pattern, and will expand our inventory in the near future. However, your suggestions are extremely valuable to us. Please send your comments using the online form in the contact us section.
Will the floor mats fit perfectly in my car?
The car models listed on our website were measured with laser-precision and modeled using 3D technology. The car models were all tested with real products to make sure the mats will fit. We make the greatest effort to make adjustments for minor variations and account for defects should we come across any. For certain car models with known variations (either between different options or submodels), we may ask you to kindly provide us with photos for the interior of your vehicle.
How do I clean the mats?
Mat Metrics floor mats can be cleaned with the following easy steps:
1. Remove the detachable plastic carpet
2. Shake off debris from the detachable plastic carpet and wash with water if needed.
3. Vacuum the leather floor mat to remove any debris, then wipe the surface with a wet cloth.
How do I install the mats?
Installing Mat Metrics floor mats are easy. After removing all other floor mats from the vehicle, just slide the mats along the car's interior contours. Then lock the mat in place using the built-in clips located near the edges, by sliding them underneath the edges of the car's interior plastic. Please don't hesitate to contact us using the online form, should you have any trouble with the installation.
Are shipping and handling included?
We currently offer free shipping for all Canadian orders, with exceptions for remote areas.
Can I track the shipment for my order?
We will include tracking information once the order has been shipped.
How long does it take for the mats to be shipped?
Since our custom floor mats are made to order, please allow 3-5 business days for the production.
Do you ship worldwide?
Currently we only ship our products to Canada and the United States.
When will I receive the shipment?
Once the car mats have been shipped, we will provide tracking information for the shipment. Estimated arriving time will be provided by the courier company. Please allow 1-3 business days for shipment to Canada, and 3-7 business days for shipment to the US.